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Leaf Free Gutter Guard™ is the best gutter protection system available. Get your mind out of the gutter and keep your gutters free of leaves and debris from roofs.

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LeaFree is a sturdy aluminum gutter cover that is engineered to keep leaves and debris out of your gutter so that it remains clog-free. Find out why these gutter covers are the most reliable and cost effective gutter protection system available!. LeaFree works on the scientific principle of water adhesion. The patent pending design allows water to enter the gutter while keeping leaves and debris out. The design allows LeaFree to be custom-fit to any home by adjusting to any roof pitch.

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Any Size Roof. Any Type of Roof. Anywhere. Any time.

Handles any rainfall ever recorded. Specialized patent pending inside miters and high water flow panels are available for areas where water flow is extreme.Offered in 15 colors (plus copper) to match your new or existing gutters.Panels are 4 ft long and can easily be replaced in the event that they are damaged by falling tree limbs.Many other leaf guard systems on the market today are very expensive because they are only offered through costly franchise businesses. LeaFree is much more cost effective since it is distributed through a national network of preferred distributors to eliminate these extra charges.

Thanks to the flex bend seam, LeaFree can be installed on any roof pitch or roof type.

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Screws only into gutter lip. Panels interlock and slide under the first row of shingles. NO screwing into your roof and/or fascia.

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