New Roof Installation

When it comes to installing a new roof, homeowners typically look at the overall price, without giving much thought to what goes into that number. In this guide, we will discuss how roofers come up with their numbers, and give you a better idea why a new roof costs so much.

At total Roofing solutions, we will first mention that you should chose a roofing contractor who meets the highest quality standards. Do your research. It is important because you will be buying a new roof for many years to come, and don’t want to replace that expensive roof within a few short years. All too often, a cheap roof means that it will NOT last you a long time, and when it leaks, a cheap roofing contractor will usually not honor their warranty, and the cost of repairs or replacement will be on you. The bottom line — a roofing company needs to make money to stay in business, to be able to repair your roof if or when the need arises.s

How roofers determine your roof replacement price:

• Roof size • Roof slope • Roof complexity • Number of existing roofing material layers • New roofing material to be installed • Roofing underlayment and accessories • Material waste • Ventilation to be installed • Roof flashing to be done • Trash disposal costs • Labor costs • Overhead costs (insurance / advertising / trucks /cost of doing business / etc) • Profit Most roofers already have all these figured out, and adjust prices for each individual roofing job. A typical roofing contractor has a base price per square (1 square is a roof area of 10 x10 or 100 sq. ft.). On top of the base price per square they add additional factors, such as complexity of the job.

What goes into the cost of new roof installation? Let's look at an example: (typical roof) a ranch house that is 26 feet wide by 48 feet long, and has a roof pitch of 5 in 12. The size of such a roof is 1350 sq. ft., and with waste of 10%, the roofer will need about 1485 sq. ft. (15 squares) of shingles or other roofing material.


Of course, any roofer wants to charge as much as they could for a roof installation. However, reality dictates its own terms. Competition from roofing contractors who are uninsured and do not carry any worker's compensation insurance is tremendous. Contractors have to sell based on quality, against low prices. Homeowners are wired to look at the total price (lower price) first, without much concern for what's included in that price. With all the competition and expenses, a contractor needs to make at least 25% NET profit on each job to stay in business. They also need volume to support needed income. If volume is low, net profit must be higher than 25%. Profit can and will vary among different roofing outfits, and will in great part depend on the volume.

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