As the leading provider of residential roofing installation, Total roofing solution understands how best to handle each job. We know that each home is unique. You have your own style and aesthetics, and we have the high-quality, stylistic materials to complete the job according to your needs!


New Roof Installation

A brand-new roof is an important investment for your property. Because a roof system is designed to protect you and yours from outside elements – critters, weather, and intruders – your new roof must be properly designed and professionally installed.


Your roof has a lifespan. There will come a time when repairs simply will not suffice, and when this happens, you may require a roof replacement. No one can compare to the level of quality or commitment of Total roofing solution.


Many contractors will turn up their noses at smaller roofing repair jobs, not us. We have done thousands of repairs in every size and shape possible and have the experience necessary to solve your problems.

Why total roofing solution?

Countless homeowners have asked this very same question in the past. Not a single one has regretted their decision to move forward with our service. You see, at Total roofing solution, we believe in quality above all else. You’re not simply a number in a ledger.

You’re our neighbor, the face we see at the supermarket down the block. We’re here for you – rain, snow, sleet, or sunshine!

Types of roofs

Asphalt shingle roof

Cedar shake roof

Metal roofing

Slate roof

Synthetic roof

Tile roof