residential services

As the leading provider of residential roofing installation, Total roofing solution understands how best to handle each job. We know that each home is unique. You have your own style and aesthetics, and we have the high-quality, stylistic materials to complete the job according to your needs!



The woes of modern roofing damage are that it can happen at any moment. Your roof is designed to take a hit and keep your family and possessions safe. Unfortunately, it can only take so many hits before beginning to fail. If that happens, you’ll need immediate relief.


Replacing your gutters might not be a very exciting home improvement, but it is an important one. The gutters are the workhorse of your home’s rainwater management system, and they protect against pest infestations, mold, damage to the fascia, and erosion around your foundation.


In addition to roofing services, we also provide residential siding installation and repair services. We install many types of siding. The most popular siding used for residential homes is vinyl, due to its low cost and low maintenance. Other popular siding options include fiber cement siding and wood siding.